“Going through my Companion Seremony was such a loving and meaningful way to say goodbye to my beloved pet. The words, the ritual, the energy from the altar and crystals was all so special and comforting.  I had never heard of anything like this before.  I was able to let go, not of the memory of my pet, but the gaping hole of my pain was lessened.   I was able to feel and express my gratitude for my dog’s life and the impact of her small life on my life.    There was so much love and intention in the entire process, it was a perfect way of feeling calm and peace again.“ - Eugenia


“Ever since my soulmate, my heart mate, my soul dog Aleu passed away I have been lost.   I have felt personal mental blockages that have been hindering me and my growth even turning me to depression and loneliness.  This Seremony truly make me feel lighter and I could feel my Self releasing negative energy that I have been harboring but unable to let go of.    After the Seremony, I feel closer to my dog than I have in months and I’m moving forward in a healthier way.  I’m SO grateful I did this!” - Alex



“Sacred Seremony helped my daughter and I mark one of the most beautiful transitions of a woman’s life.   I wanted to do something special for my Daughter but I didn’t know how.  A young woman entering in womanhood is a big deal.    The Seremony was beautiful and very touching.  The Moon Seremony is an honorary tribute to womanhood that honors this rite of passage.   I felt like it allowed us to get real, speak our truths, and celebrate our womanhood together.  I highly recommend the Moon Seremony to anyone wishing to create a memorable experience out of this special time in a young girl’s life.” - Brittany



“In January of 2021 my brother passed away due to complications of Covid-19.  He was only 40 years old and left behind a pregnant wife and a son.  It was, and is, very traumatic.    I was searching for some relief from the constant pain of this death.  I am a practicing Christian and while my beliefs helped, I need to find something tangible to help.    The LOVED ONE Seremoney helped me create not only a safe space to express grief, but actual steps to help release some of my pain.  The Seremony also allows for gratitude-filled moments that lightened my heart.   I would recommend this to anyone working through the grief that comes from the passing of someone they love.” - Kylee



“Having just experienced divorce from my wife after 35 years of marriage, I had a lot of emotions and grief that were difficult to process.    I stumbled on the CHANGE Sacred Seremony and decided to give it a try.  I’m a very pragmatic person and don’t typically go in for this kind of thing.   I have to say that I followed the instructions to the letter and ended up experiencing unexpected release and relief.   I appreciated the self-accountability in the Seremony as well as the positive future outlook the ritual provided.  I plan to keep these boxes in mind as I experience other momentous moments in my life and I’m also planning on gifting the boxes to friends and family.”  - Rob