About Us

Greetings! Welcome to Sacred Seremony!
Please acknowledge the life-event or prompting that brought you here. I believe that human beings CRAVE ritual. We are spiritual beings in our core. If
we are not connected to an organized religion, we are still connected to universal
love and light.

My Sacred Seremony boxes contain EVERYTHING you need to ponder, set
intention, clear and affirm a difficult life experience or acknowledge a beautiful
rite of passage. I was raised to believe in a Higher Source which instilled love and goodness in me.

What this taught me, is a love and connection to something greater than myself.
This connection drives EVERY aspect of these Sacred Seremony boxes.
I’m a person that has been through some stuff. Sometimes I choose wrongly,
sometimes life intervenes, and always, I was busy working. I’ve re-invented
myself several times. I’ve traveled the world and had some incredible experiences and training from deeply spiritual and gifted people. It turns out – that “I” have some spiritual gifts and healing and energy to share and this is reflected in the many rituals I do with people whether they are healing or life affirming. It’s what I do and I’m so happy to share that with Sacred Seremony in a format that is accessible to anyone.

In all of my journeys, one thing I learned, is that your OWN soul, your OWN inner
guidance, will lead you to health, healing, and an embrace of this one glorious life
you are given. Spirituality (connection to SOURCE) comes from within. It is a very bright spark in EVERY human being. We all have it. I’m so happy that you are tapping into YOURS.